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Services for Medical Experts

For doctors who at any stage in their medicolegal career, it can be costly to employ a secretary and time consuming to manage appointments and correspondence while marketing yourself to solicitors and MROs.

It it also important that your clinics have a good volume of bookings to remain cost effective. This can often only be achieved by having agreements with multiple MROs and Solicitors.

After working with a range of national Medical Reporting Organisations and Solicitors for the last 10 years, we have relationships which allow us to source work for Medical Experts from a variety or sources. 

At Medical Expert Reports, we offer a bespoke service to experts who require support with their medicolegal work.

We also provide secretarial, call answering and appointment booking services.

Our GPs are highly experienced in this area and always available to offer advice to those new to this field of medicine.

Please contact us to discuss you requirements.


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